Worldie Artist Stanley Shares His Revolutionary Album Resurrection

Multi-talented artist Stanley is making some big noise with his amazing new album, Resurrection, a phenomenal collection full of great well-composed songs.

The fresh musician is off to change the music world with his already-developed musical talents that are perfectly showcased in his new album, Resurrection. Inspired by the pandemic, the artist perfectly crafted each song to its maximum potential. His unique voice and writing style are catalysts for his worldie collection. 

The Nigerian-Canadian artist always wanted to achieve greatness even from an early age, when he started making music by being inspired by the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. After academically studying in Canada, he decided to stay beyond his university graduation and start pursuing his passion of making legendary songs.

When asked about his stylistic attributes, the artist said “I see music as communication and genre as languages, so using different genres  as languages to communicate through music.” A mature artist for his age, the genius musician is truly unique and creative with his approach. Stanley’s favorite genres include Pop, R&B, Afro and EDM.

A masterpiece of a collection, Resurrection is one of the most well-made albums coming from an up-&-coming artist like Staneley. It is now available to purchase and stream.

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