Powerful Artist Hazeline Taffe Releases Another Collection Of Spiritual Songs Called “The Holy Awakening”

Hazeline Taffe is back with yet another devotional album dedicated to everyone who wants to live the peaceful life of Christ as the collection is called “The Holy Awakening.” One of the most gifted singers across the board, Hazeline Taffe has been finally starting to get the recognition she deserves for her incredible body of work that includes three fantastic albums, “Finally,” “Strength ‘n’ Dreams” and of course her latest, “The Holy Awakening.”

A diverse set of tracks, “The Holy Awakening” has songs influenced by different genres as each song gives the listener a different taste and mood. With a song like “The Man Named Jesus (The Man Called Jesus)” listeners can expect a jolly high-paced composition that resembles late 60s soft rock pacing. Meanwhile, tracks like “You Love Me So Much” the simplistic instruments play their minor roles as Hazeline Taffe comes in with her impressive vocals, giving the song its church-like melody. 

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