Kodak Black Raps About "Kids In China That Been Eating Bats For A Snack"

(AllHipHop Rumors) OK, you guys emailed, DM'd and texted the owners of the site and complained about something I put on the site about Kodak Black. They got so mad, because I called him something related to the coronavirus. Well, changes happened editorially and that's that. But, I need to know what yall see in ol' boy. Anyway, he is making headlines again. This time….a rap from jail.

This is what people are talking about:

"This for the little kids in Africa, stomachs touching they back/And the kids in China been eating bats for a snack /They need to be wiser and I ain’t talking Bill/Cause Corona got the whole world in fear"

Here is the rest of the rap.

Well, he does it again…in the rap he says some stuff that may be "off-putting."

"I wonder what’s gonna be the excuse when the world ending/

And I’m just hoping when it do I ain’t in prison/

Wearing another niggas boxers, my dick itching/

And my lady ain’t been writing me she miss me, yeah!/

I ain’t gon' lie, I be feeling like crying/

And fuckin' beefing with my cellie 'cause he shitting all the time/

I’m tryna stay updated wit this Hip-Hop shit/

And my son don't answer the phone, he on his Tik Tok shit/

And COVID-19 ain't got nothing to do with me 'cause I’m from 1800 block–it ain't got nothing to do wit me!"

I am definitely not one of these Negroes, but that is just wrong!

Kodak Black was sent to jail for almost four years late last year after pleading guilty to federal weapons charges. Lil man also faces up to 60 years ADDITIONALLY for two more felony gun charges. I think he has eve more ou there.

Oh…here is the freestyle if you wanna hear it.