Did Jay-Z And Preemo Record A Massive Diss?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Right off the heels of the battle with RZA, DJ Premier is coming back straight into our rumor section. Hopefully, this chatter on the streets does not bother the god Preem. But check this out.

Now, I am looking at this tweet….It is very basic: "Preemo produced a heavy diss track during the RD era. But Hov erased it." Now, if you know history like I know it, you know that Jay-Z released his debut album the same year that Tupac died. In fact, it was a short period of time. June and September. 

As you should know, Tupac was dissing EVERYBODY back then and it was not pretty. I am not going to get into the minutiae of it all. I don't want to get into the West/East Beef. But, it has been noted that Jay-Z, emerging as a pillar of the East, did not fire back at Pac. BIG didn't either. 

HOWEVER. If you have read this far, keep reading. 

First of all, I have ZERO doubt taht Jay-Z had a diss to Tupac. Did the tweet say Pac's name? No. But that is what I believe if there was in fact a diss that was so heavy.  Now, I think Jay is a supreme strategist and knew that he would get deep in the mud if he engaged in a war with Pac. Pac's disrespect had no bounds. He totally lied about screwing Faith, Big's wife, for example.

Anyway, Jay allegedly deleted the diss, whereas Mobb Deep and some others from New York kept theirs. 

Here is a bonus rumor that I know to be true….Biggie had a real Pac diss as well. And I don't mean the subtle jabs and smirks that he rapped. Biggie had an all out Pac diss that never saw the light of day. I know somebody that heard it. I admit this is many years ago, in the late 90's, but it exists.