zenith. Shares “Changes” From Upcoming Debut Album

Following “Freddy Freddy” and “Skip,” singer-songwriter and rapper zenith. returns with a new single called “Changes.” The track comes off his forthcoming debut LP, set to be released in February. 

Speaking of the inspiration behind the new track, zenith. explains, “Life can really be a ride. It takes you through ups and downs, lessons, battles, and triumphs. When you look back at the journey, you can see how much it changes. I feel this deeply – the nostalgia and inability to wrap my head around it. That’s where “Changes” was born, and it captures the emotions of changing times.”

zenith.’s third single “definitely takes a different approach” than “Skip” and “Freddy Freddy.” “As I continue to grow as an artist, I hope to keep trying different things. There are so many genres of music that I find appealing – and it’s hard to classify “Changes” into one of those. At this point, I’d call it a melodic hip-hop / rap type,” says the up-and-comer.

“Changes” adds a new flavor to zenith.’s repertoire with its contagious beats and heartfelt lyrics,  “And I see that I’m pretending what I don’t want to find/ Am I another bout of panic keep on ticking with time/ I go and go and go and I fall domino/ Now I’m sleeping in the city and I’m sleeping alone/ because it changes so much.”

To complete the collection, zenith. plans to drop a follow-up to “Freddy Freddy,” “Skip,” and “Changes.” The versatile artist will release a few more singles, including “Plastic,” which is “a fun song for any occasion, with deeper meanings hidden throughout.”

Listen to “Changes” on Spotify: