Discover The New Queen Of Country Rock Kelly Monrow

Who said beauty and talent don’t typically go together? Kelly Monrow is here to disprove every stereotype and break every limitation, empowering women and boldly sharing her feelings with thousands upon thousands of listeners. Previously known as an actress, Kelly Monrow has a vibrant flair about herself, and it shows in her art as well. Of course, there is no chance not to love it, as she delivers such passionate and powerful lines with such an emotional voice. A diva and a queen, Monrow’s music is filled with eclectic influences, self-confidence themes, and a tendency to take responsibility for one’s own actions, which is nothing short of admirable. 

The country/rock singer debuted her album Scars of Venus a short while ago, premiering alongside a few exclusive music videos: “The Woman” with over 600K views, “Ain’t Mine”, and the most recent one called “Wake Up”. The clip features Monrow at her most eccentric performance yet, showing viewers powerful emotions and a level of mastery over her vocals that leaves us in awe. Kelly Monrow has caught the attention of many music critics, prestigious publications, and fans across the globe, and the number of these dedicated listeners will only be swelling in number!