Tu Forty Unleashes A Precise Yet Powerful Performance Throughout His New Album The Return

Florida-based Hip-Hop, rap and pop singer-songwriter Tu Forty is sharing a fresh new offering; an album titled The Return, his second to date following-up to his debut LP The Unknown, a 16-track project that launched his career. 

The Return is all about fresh and new sound through versatility and original beats, an explosive cocktail that Tu Forty has mastered in all its complexity while consistently unleashing precise and powerful performances. 

With artists like 2 PAC, DMX , Eminem, Method Man, 50 cent, and Lil Wayne, as his main inspirations, the credibility and hard work behind each of his verses can be vividly felt, as he always aims higher with each new project he drops. 

Tu Forty’s purpose is to share his story, thoughts and experiences with us all, with his unique discipline to always remain true to himself being the cornerstone of his ability to retain audience’s attention and engagement with a rare-to-be-found consistency in the saturated music industry.