Stream Midnight Mights’ New Party Rap Album ‘Smile For The Cam’

If you haven’t yet, make sure to stream Midnight Mights’ new party rap album Smile For The Cam. 

Unlike most, the Toronto-based rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Mighton, known as Midnight Mights, is fond of fun wordplay, crafted with a high-level of lyricism and smooth soundscapes. 

All about positive moods and atmospheres, Smile For The Cam was written over a period of three months and recorded and mixed across several studios. 

Midnight Mights likes to challenge the established order of things, a quality that translates into his sound, a blend of R&B, House & Hip-Hop. 

 His humorous nature and love for contemporary party rap pair to perfection on this album, while fans are already looking forward to his next release, the single “One Million Times,” to drop in June. Save the date!