REGALJASON Debuts New Single “ALREADY WON” With An Outstanding Music Video

REGALJASON has released “Already Won,” a new teaser from his upcoming EP Megafauna. The stunning piece is very inspirational and it exemplifies the innovative new face in the game who is quickly establishing himself as someone who knows music and defies the rules in surprising ways.

“Already Won” is a spectral electro-pop psalm that serves as the second offering of his forthcoming EP Megafauna. The song features soaring vocals and hard-hitting percussion, however it is the lyrics that make it so powerful. REGALJASON entertains the notion that if one is truly meant to do something, then no matter how hard the battle, in essence you have already won the war – a concept found in many religious texts and hymns, some of which are referenced in the lyrics. It is truly an ethereal electro-pop hymn unlike any other. Thus, the artist himself is one of the most underrated musicians out there right now!

We’ll never forget the most unexpected and wonderful three minutes of our lives. REGALJASON is using his worldwide singing and performance expertise, extensive musical knowledge, and intuitive gift for impacting art to produce one-of-a-kind music that will drive a paradigm change worldwide.

With over 20.000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this man and his talent are without a doubt among the greatest!

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