Peg Luke ‘s “Dirt Under His Nails”: A New Perspective On Christ’s Humanity

From the grand halls of international classical performances to the intimate realms of meditative music, Peg Luke has seen it all. Her latest release, “Dirt Under His Nails,” offers a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective on Jesus Christ – not as an ethereal, distant figure but as a human being, with calluses on His feet, tears in His eyes, and yes, dirt under His nails.

Inspired by a powerful meditation, Luke chose to challenge the traditional imagery of a “heavenly aura” surrounding Jesus. Instead, she delves into a more grounded portrayal, one that paints Him in the light of our everyday struggles. The song, beautifully composed by Peg herself, underscores the humanity in divinity, a concept that’s resonated deeply with listeners worldwide.

Written by Peg herself, the lyrics focus on the sacrifice of God: “He searched high and low/ He bares the scars of His love/ And He is ready to journey some more/ With a pack on his back, sheepskin sandals/ He’s looking for You and Me/ He’s got/ Dirt Under His Nails/ When He healed the sick/ When He cured the lame/ When He walked to Calvary/ He’s got Dirt Under His Nails/ Thorns on His Head/ Tears in His eyes/ Nails in His feet.”

Beyond the melody, Peg’s journey to creating such a piece is equally inspiring. After battling a rare autoimmune disease, enduring the trials of the pandemic, and facing personal challenges, Luke found solace and strength in her faith, leading her to compose such a moving song, adding to her already rich repertoire, including, “Amazing Grace,” “Love Lifted Me,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord.”

Watch the music video for “Dirt Under His Nails” below:

Listen to “Dirt Under His Nails”  here: