Ottawa rapper Dax drops official EP debut I’ll Say It For You

After an impressive promotional campaign leading up to its release, Ottawa artist Dax has officially dropped his new EP, I’ll Say It For You.

Premiering today on Complex, I’ll Say It For You is described as a sevon song, three chapter journey which touches on life, faith, and love, which Dax recorded in just a span of three days.

“Although there is the odd ode to rap’s penchant for self-satisfaction within DAX’s discography, the lion share of his music was written for the underdog – the self-doubters, the seekers, the disenfranchised, with whom DAX clearly empathizes”

The Los Angeles by way of Ottawa rapper has only been making music for three years, but has already seen his career steamroll to heights that most artists don’t achieve after a decade.

To date, Dax has released two visuals in support of the EP including “Dear God,” which has garnered over sixteen million views since its October debut, and the follow-up, “Book of Revelations,” which has been viewed over two million times since premiering on BET Jams.

I’ll Say It For You is available on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL via Living Legends Entertainment.

Ottawa rapper Dax drops EP debut Ill Say It For You

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