Riot for Romance Breathes New Life Into Radiohead’s Classic Hit “Karma Police”

Riot for Romance, a band known for their emotive and honest songwriting, recently discussed their approach to covering Radiohead’s iconic song“Karma Police.” In an interview, the trio shared how they aimed to put their own spin on the classic while still paying homage to the original.

“Radiohead is an influence for all of us. There is something satisfying about putting your own spin on a classic song you love. It’s one thing to simply cover a song exactly as it was first released but interpreting it in your own ethos while still paying homage to the original is its own artform,” the band shared.

The group emphasized the keys and guitars while keeping the piano playing the role of atmosphere. “‘Karma Police’ holds great dynamics to it while being centered mostly around the piano. Our approach was to emphasize keys and guitars with piano playing the role of atmosphere instead,” they explained.

Riot for Romance‘s “Karma Police” demonstrates that innovating on a classic is not only a display of creativity but also a gesture of respect towards the original artist. Their genuine and distinctive approach to songwriting makes their rendition of the classic song a must-listen.

Listen to Riot for Romance’s “Karma Police” below: