BigTaveraLarafaga Is On Top Of His Game

Talented young rapper BigTaveraLarafaga is out making a name for himself! His music is already recognizable and fans are flocking in from all across the world. The Dominican artist works closely with his brother in the creation process of music. “Repelpero- La Renovacion Mundial” is his latest single while “La Renovacion”, his debut, has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams. 

In a recent interview about his art, BigTavera spoke about insuring the distinctiveness of his sound: “I make sure that it is unique because I am committed to my movement that nobody has right now in the industry, only me and it is “The World Renewal” so I will do my best to be unique in my own flow.  There are not two interiors with the same information and the one I have makes me unique right now and that is the one I will transmit.”

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