High Fidelity Releases Exquisite Masterful Album Titled The Aftermath

East Coast’s finest techno artist High Fidelity drops one of his best albums so far, called The Aftermath.

High Fidelity always had a knack for producing worthy music but it wasn’t until 2014 is when he started to get serious about making music when he found his passion– electronic music. The artist went on to become one of the most productive musicians in his circuit and produced four albums, including The Aftermath. 

His album Aftermath offers a varying experience with its darkened beats, low bass and unconventional sounds to mimic natural settings. The NYC-based musician effectively transpires his tended rhythms and sequences into a prominent collection full of outstanding songs. An experimental body of work, The Aftermath represents the nature of High Fidelity as a gifted artist.

A prominent figure within the house scene, High Fidelity is set to radiate his stardom beyond the techno genre, integrating his style into the mainstream. His latest collection The Aftermath is now available for download and listening on all platforms!
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