Eliyanah Releases A New Single “My Love”

“My Love” is Eliyanah’s new single with tens of thousands of views across platforms. An honest, emotional song showing off Eliyanah’s vocal mastery, “My Love” is an epitome of storytelling through music. This love and breakup themed song is a chance to reflect on the past, bordering somewhere between indie, alternative pop and electronic pop.

Her latest song “Love Burned Out”, also exploring the love and relationship aspect of human life, was a huge success with over 100K views on Spotify and over 10K views on the music video on YouTube. It was produced by Ben Scott who has previously worked with grand artists like Ed Sheeran, Tom Walker, Mahalia, and others. 

Eliyanah’s musical journey started back when she was only a child and has taken her to different countries and continents. Today she presents her beautiful new song “My Love” for all those who have been through a breakup and have found themselves wondering if they will ever love again. 

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