Denae Shares Her Moving Poetry In New EP My Dark Place

Tayler Denae, best known under her artist name Denae has recently released a superb collection of tracks; the EP My Dark Place. Mixing fast-paced lyrical pop-rap vocals with hard-hitting electronic beats, Denae has imagined a sublime record. Her ethereal vocals are a perfect fit to the soundtracks, while she talks about mental health issues. 

In a recent interview with Honk Magazine, she confided, “It’s a personal story for sure but most mental health stuff is right… I was actually in a moped accident about 5 years ago that caused some pretty horrible brain stuff. I lost my ability to play music or even talk for that matter.. and it caused some serious mental health stuff as well… It’s been a long road to recovery, but these were really the songs that got me through it. Whenever I’d feel like I didn’t want to be here, I’d just write about it.. turn it into something beautiful, and get excited and focused on the beautiful thing I had just created. Writing has always been my escape but now it’s becoming a way to make sense of everything. I’m hoping these songs can help some others too.”

The five songs she has listed in My Dark Place can become a reference for all those struggling with mental health issues, depression and anxiety.  
The magical poetry that My Dark Place distills over meticulously curated soundscapes brings the perfect mix for audiences to instantly fall in love with the talented Denae.