YFRWN8: Sayzee returns with another epic Freddy Krueger-inspired mixtape

Its been almost 12 years since Canadian rapper Sayzee kicked off his popular Freddy Krueger-inspired mixtape series, Your Favourite Rapper’s Worst Nightmare—better known by its acronym, YFRWN.

Originally appearing on Sayzee’s Bandcamp profile, the latest installment of the fiery audio-slasher, YFRWN8, was officially released to digital streaming platforms on Oct. 4, 2022.

For the latest edition, Sayzee tapped a familiar group of talented producers including 80 Rock, Nugz, Sonny Carson, Mdknight, Hirst, and his very first go-to from back in the day, 2oolman, who is now one half of The Halluci Nation (formerly A Tribe Called Red). On the guest feature side, Sayzee enlisted the perfect cast of artists to drive home the project’s dark and eerie tone. Sauga City duo RUNXGUN hold it down on “Bloody Mary,” Malton, Mississauga’s FreightRunner V absolutely crushes it on “Salom’s Lot,” Toronto’s PRAYFORJONES flexes his skills on the downright homicidal “Triceratops,” and the Count Money Cartel legend Richie Sosa caps it off with his work on “Main Squeeze.”

“Pennywise but I kill them with Henny vibes / flip him off the building backwards, hit him 20 times / the minute you wake up, that’s when Freddy dies / dead or alive in a bed of slime” – Sayzee (“Bad Luck”)

And while the guest appearances certainly leave their mark on the tape, Sayzee spends most of the project riding solo, showcasing his ability to mesh elite lyricism with catchy hooks and beats.

Overall, YFRWN8 is a great addition to the YFRWN catalogue, and will serve as the perfect soundtrack as Halloween approaches. The tape is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms.

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