What Is Love: Vancouver’s Aman Bassi enlists Maia for self-directed video

Artist and songwriter Aman Bassi has released three singles this year, with her most recent being the Mark Williams Fadel-assisted “Let It Go.”

And while the Vancouver-based rapper is already getting great feedback for her 2021 offerings, one of her last releases from 2020 has been trending upwards since its release in October. The Maia-assisted “What Is Love,” powered by Nigerian producer Major Mugisho, was inspired by J. Cole’s “Hello” off the album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

In the song, Bassi focuses on missing a loved one, and how emotions can change over time. What exactly is love? Aman’s mom passed away in 2020, and in the second verse, “she understands now as she’s getting older the world is a lot boulder, She’s learning to fight her battles like a good soldier, she’s ducking down avoiding their bullets dodging danger.” With this, Bassi explains that she finally understands the lessons her mom was attempting to teach her when she was younger.

As the pandemic continues to largely control our regular lives, Bassi has continued to hone her skills as an artist, producer and also video director. She self-directed the video for “What Is Love?” which has been viewed over 120K times to date on YouTube since its release.

You can find the single on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify via Melodic Records.

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