Toronto’s Frankie Payne speaks the “Ugly Truth” in new single & video

Toronto legend Frankie Payne is back with the new single and video “Ugly Truth.”

The Soundsmith-produced song is the Falstaff rapper’s first official release of the year, although he was featured on the “Mud” single by Toronto artist GodKing Zeus earlier in the year.

The video for “Ugly Truth” was powered by directorManolo 3rdeYe and features cameos by PK Hercs of We Love Hip Hop and the Spoiled Smokers Collective Clothing & Lifestyle Brand, Adam Bomb and Tona of the JUNO Award-winning Naturally Born Strangers, artist/brand manager Joey Chupps, Cause, and Retro.

“Ugly Truth” is available on Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms. You can also find the song on HipHopCanada’s official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

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