Toronto artist Bundog releases the “True Story” single & video

A few days ago, Blue Feathers Records released the latest single and video from CEO and recording artist, Bundog.

Bundog is from the north side of Jane & Finch in Toronto and also happens to be the older brother of Pressa. He was recently released from prison after a lengthy stint inside and has been on a tear musically ever since.

He kicked things off earlier in the year with “Bricks 4 The Low,” and the latest single, “True Story,” dropped last week. The video has already been viewed more than 42K times to date, and the Orazio-directed “Bricks 4 The Low” just recently passed 238K.

“True Story” is available on Spotify and various other digital streaming platforms via BFR. You can also find the song on our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

You can follow @BFRBundog on Instagram.