Song of the Day: Kresnt & MAJILLA team up for “3 Profits (Remix)” video

Coming in support of his Everybody Knows Reloaded, Vancouver artist Kresnt recently let off a new remix and video.

The “3 Profits (Remix)” featuring MAJILLA, lyricizes the importance of not letting money change someone regardless of their success. On the chorus both artists utilize a play on words with prophets and profits, making reference to their respective religious backgrounds.


Scene from the 3 Profits Remix video

Scene from the “3 Profits (Remix)” video

“Cop the bags cop the bags / Yeah I just copped it
I got this money / All in my pocket
Jesus, Mohammed and me / 3 different profits
They ain’t fuck with me / now they know I got it”

The “3 Profits (Remix)” is available on various digital streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

In other Kresnt news, The Lunar Cycle rapper will be kicking off a new campaign this Wednesday with the release of a new single. Stay tuned for that and be sure to take in the “3 Profits (Remix)” below.

Song of the Day: Kresnt and MAJILLA team up for 3 Profits (Remix)

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