Queenyy releases the “Replace Him” single & video ahead of Distance EP

R&B/hip-hop artist Queenyy has dropped the new music video “Replace Him” in support of her forthcoming EP, Distance.

Queenyy, another emerging artist from the new wave of talent coming out of the Ottawa music scene, first caught our attention last year with the Chevdot-assisted “Pretty Young Thing.” It was the second of three songs she released in 2019 with the Ottawa producer along with “Sauce” and “Talking Shit.”

The city of Ottawa has been slowly but steadily defining its own sound in hip-hop and R&B and female artists like Queenyy and Mischa have been largely leading the charge.


Scene from the Replace Him video

Scene from the “Replace Him” video

The new music video for the 613tino-produced “Replace Him,” presented in black and white, was directed by Good Guy Pictures who are responsible for some of the biggest visuals to come out of the National Capital Region.

“Replace Him” is a great way to kick off the EP as it perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the project. I had the privilege to preview Distance on an advanced listening link and it had my attention right from the introduction. It’s a song titled “Broken English” which is a dark yet dreamy gateway into the rest of the music heard on the EP. All of the songs on the EP were produced by 613tino and mixed and mastered by go-to engineer Carde Blanche.

I think most people listening to this new project will get the vibe of a relationship gone wrong; the feeling of when a significant other you trusted flips the script and shows you the other side of them you didn’t know existed.


Scene from the Replace Him video

Queenyy (Photo: Supplied)

With titles like “Distance” and “Replace Him”, these phrases are representations of different processes of a break up between two people which Queenyy uses her voice and emotion to illustrate to the listener. Of course, with music being subjective, I think these songs can be taken in a variety of ways but I think it’s safe to say a project like this will be one to empower women and help people persevere through tough times.

The three-track release gives a brief look into what is still to come from the Ottawa singer in the future, and should keep her fans busy while she works towards an official album debut.

Be sure to check out the full EP Distance on October 30th on all online platforms and check out the “Replace Him” video below.

Artwork for Replace Him

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