Ottawa artists Sam Hoss & Dillin Hoox release their latest collaboration “Boss Like Me”

Earlier this morning, Ottawa’s own Sam Hoss and Dillin Hoox released their latest collaboration, “Boss Like Me.” The Platinum Circle Beats-produced single follows Hoox and Hoss’ previous collaboration, “She Lied,” which has been streamed more than 21K times on Spotify since its release on June 19th.

Both Hoss and Hoox have had productive 2021 campaigns, with both artists releasing projects within the past few months. In April, Hoss released his 6-track Line of Fire EP, which featured a pair of guest appearances from Hoox. Then, in July, Hoss was featured on Hoox’s latest project, Through Time, on the song “Sheep.” Both projects can be streamed here on HipHopCanada.

“I couldn’t wait for everybody to hear this joint me and Hoox cooked up,” said Hoss of the new single.

“It’s a perfect track for summer/fall and everybody will really enjoy the back and forth between us.”

“I used to love to hear Red and Meth going back and fourth on a track when I was a kid,” added Hoox. “The song was inspired by them.”

You can find “Boss Like Me” on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms.

You can follow @MrSamHoss and @DillinHoox on Instagram.