No Jumper presents The MC Serch Interview: Addiction, MF DOOM, The White Rapper Show, DJ Vlad beef & more

Queens, New York’s own MC Serch is the latest big name to stop by the No Jumper studio. In his interview with host Adam22, Serch touches on a wide range of topics including consulting for Steve Rifkind, the impact of viral moments, his close relationship with MF DOOM and his brother Subroc, beef are handled throughout the eras, The Lox vs. DipSet, and a ton more.

“MC Serch is known for his storytelling, in depth interviews and awesome hip-hop anecdotes! He shares with Adam about DOOM, Nas, Jay-Z, Dre, Eminem, The White Rapper Show, new artists he supports! Plus, Serch clears up a few things about beef with Vlad. He also talks about his new exciting project Breaking Anonymity coming September 22nd, new music, podcasts, documentaries and more!” – No Jumper

In May 2021, MC Serch joined VidSig, a live global video platform, as Chief Creative Consultant.

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