NFT $RAP UP Week 3: Cryptocurrency, Music NFT, Wearable & Metaverse News

Crypto News

If you’ve been paying attention to crypto news, you’ve heard that were in a bear market. What does it mean and is it a good or bad? A lot of the terms we use for cryptocurrency are adopted from the stock exchange.

“Bear market” and “bull market” are terms that were first used in the late 1800’s to refer to the slowing down (bear) and charging ahead (bull) of the price a single asset over the course of a day. Now when we talk about bear or bull markets it’s about the whole market over a long period. A bear market is traditionally indicated when a 20% price drop occurs within a 60-day period.

It can take as long as a year for prices to drop to their lowest. Bitcoin specifically, has a four year bear market followed by a rampaging bull market that has made a lot of people very rich.

The last bear market happened two years ago. Over these past two years worldwide interest and onboarding have brought a lot of people into the crypto space. Thousands of new coins have been created and almost every celebrity and brand have an NFT project.

With so many new people in the space it was inevitable that when the drop came, we’d hear the fear, uncertainty, and doubt over the war cries of “buy the dip.”

With the risk of a recession, the war in Ukraine, and uncertainty about China’s economy looming is it a good idea to buy cryptocurrency? Experts say yes, they are still predicting a strong bull market in our future. Always remember that crypto news is not financial advice, but these lows are a great time to jump in.

Crypto prices are always changing. These are prices at the time of writing, watch online for current prices:

Bitcoin – $28707.90 CAD
Ethereum – $1565.46 CAD
Binance – $297.63 CAD
Cardano – $0.67 CAD
Mana – Decentraland $1.32 CAD

NFT News

Even with the talk of a crypto winter the world is still jumping on the NFT bandwagon. It only makes sense that the prices will once again charge like a bull and all the waiting and HODLing will pay off.

  • Our favorite genius may be launching his own NFT project. As written in, “West, who legally changed his name to Ye, filed trademark applications for “blockchain-based non-fungible assets,” “currencies and tokens,” and “online retail store services featuring … digital art” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on May 27. The filings also suggest West might launch Yeezus-branded amusement parks.”
  • Madonna is set to headline the World of Women NFT NYC Party: Fresh off the back of a polarizing NFT collection featuring her favourite body parts, everlasting pop icon, Madonna, will now head to NFT NYC where she will grace the World of Women stage at the biggest NFT event of the calendar. The grand jamboree will arrive in an extravagant celebration of pride month, starting at 10pm on June 23 and running through until the wee hours. However, ticket acquisition is reserved only for those in possession of a WoW or WoWG non-fungible token. Of which, *checks Madonna’s official wallet* the enigmatic star owns none. Holders can redeem tickets for the exclusive event through the Tokenproof platform. However, applications will reportedly require an official ID in order to claim. After which, items will remain soul bound to the claiming user, meaning they will not be transferable between wallets.

  • NFT-4-GOOD: The Empowering Mural NFT Offering from Third Rail Art. “Dropping on its own NFT platform on June 10th at 4PM EST, whilst also being showcased in Decentraland, the 2022 collection of Akumal Arts Festival NFTs includes 18 animated NFT murals by 20 artists, with two editions of each artwork (so 36 in total). Although yet to be unveiled, each NFT is expected to be infused with a vibrant, colourful, and storytelling animation, which will be rendered by on-chain mural specialists Cryptic Gallery. The NFTs will reside on the Polygon blockchain and can be purchased in $MATIC. From here, 85% of each primary sale will go to the Akumal Cultural Foundation to support community programs, with the remaining 15% being used to cover development costs. To empower local artists even further, they will also receive a 10% royalty share on every secondary market sale of their two mural NFTs. NFT-4-GOOD is an initiative from Third Rail Art, an emerging cultures incubator using Web3 tech to demonstrate the wonders of a remote Mexican arts festival to the world. More specifically, the non-profit project involves working with a portion of the 100 artists involved in the Akumal Arts Festival and transforming their murals into digital artwork NFTs.”
  • The Mariah Carey “Fly With Me” NFT offers access to her Hall of Fame induction: Pop icon Mariah Carey is entering Web3 through the launch of a 1/1 Boarding Pass NFT. The exclusive asset will be distributed to one lucky auction winner, who will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness Carey’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame IRL. The NFT will grant the owner with the opportunity to fly to the New York ceremony alongside ‘MiMi’ on her private jet. On arrival, the up-and-personal experience will continue, as instead of watching from afar, the winning bidder and their chosen guest will get to sit with Carey at her table during the ceremony. Sporting a pink and lavender aesthetic, the NFT is an apt spinning board pass with a glitter finish.

    It also comes with a custom audio recording from MiMi herself. The 1/1 NFT launches on the Carey-backed Geojam NFT platform on June 3rd, with bidding to be done using the platform’s $JAM token. Bids of more than $5 million worth of $JAM will be accepted, with the closing date on June 9th. The Songwriters Hall of Fame experience will then take place around a week later on June 15th-16th. To pay homage to an organization which has supported Carey since the early days of her career, a portion of the proceeds from the NFT sale will be donated to The Fresh Air Fund.

  • Rule #1. You do not talk about Penguin Fight Club. Join Penguin Fight Club, a fight club with 10,000 bad ass penguins. Their website says:


    This project lets you gangify your Penguin and baby penguin NFTs, get in battle mode and prove your power as a Peng. The Peng have a very supportive and active community. They show love when people need it and help uplift people in the Web3 space.

    This is not financial advice; however, I see the PFC becoming a blue chip project at some point in the future. Check them out here:

Wearable News


Guerrilla Music: Could you tell me a little about yourself?

ODINSON: I am Enjon aka: ODINSON. I am a full time 3D Artist and Illustrator based in Kolkata, India. I am also a physics graduate from Calcutta University and aim to be a successful Game Artist one day.

Guerrilla Music: Why did you first start creating wearables?

ODINSON: I started making wearables from May 2021.

Guerrilla Music: What do you think is your dopest wearable?

ODINSON: Till now, my dopest Wearable according to me should be The Cyberbiker Suit. It’s in the Decentraland Marketplace.

Guerrilla Music: How many wearables have you created?

ODINSON: Between 50-80.

Guerrilla Music: Give us an honest opinion on this new world of wearables we’re entering?

ODINSON: I see this as an extremely wonderful opportunity for 3D Artists like me to show our skills before the community. It’s fun creating them and is rewarding too.

Guerrilla Music: Anything you’d like to add?

ODINSON: Guerrilla Music sent me money for a powerful new computer that has helped me in my career and in the Web3 space. I was one of the recipients of the Color the Blockchain charity.

ODINSON has designed the first ever metaverse wearable line for traditional Indian clothes.

The line is called MAHARAJA’S CLOSET. Among other notable designs, ODINSON has worked for Forever 21, The Hundreds, National Geographic, Jim Jones and more. Follow @Odinson609 on Twitter. More about the MAHARAJA’S CLOSET can be found here.

Metaverse Events

By showcasing the murals in Decentraland (-26,140), Third Rail hopes to expose as many metaverse explorers to the magic created in the small town of Akumal as possible. In doing so, users who were previously unaware of the project can now visit the exhibition, where they can learn about the Akumal Cultural Foundation, its celebratory annual arts festival, and the innovative and socially beneficial endeavour that is NFT-4-GOOD.

The virtual gallery hosting the event is a two-story open air venue which’ll offer a virtual portal into Akumal itself. Photos of each of the 18 murals will be arranged onto the white walls of the gallery, framed by a background inspired by lush palm trees and rich blue skies.

Music NFT Spotlight

King Mizo’s weekly Music NFT spotlight reflects the sole opinion of King Mizo. The opinions in this segment do not reflect Guerrilla Music or’s perspective.

This week I would like to high lite an NFT project that is music related, The Squad of Knights.

The Squad of Knights was founded by Grammy winning producer ‘illmind’ and has over 500 members in the SOK community. The community focuses on real life events, VIP meet-ups in the House of Blap inside Spatial’s metaverse & the chance to collaborate with several artists on songs that could be featured on ‘illmind’ SOK albums.

The Squad of Knights NFT project is a collection of programmatically generated “squad knights” representing the creative and the curious. Knight holders gain access to an ongoing series of highly curated experiences and events, focused on helping members nurture long-lasting relationships in music, design and the creative arts.

Check out more about the project here:

Written by @ADayInTheSky, and curated by @KingMizoMadeIt.