My Heart Went Oops: Genius features Ottawa’s Tiagz on Verified

Canadian artist Tiagz recently saw his self-produced song “My Heart Went Oops” go viral on TikTok and receive more than three million streams on YouTube.

Music media platform Genius took notice of the song’s impact and recently featured the Ottawa-born artist on their Verified segment to have him break it down.


Tiagz on Genius

Tiagz on Genius Verified

Tiagz was recently added to our official Spotify playlist, Canadian Fresh.

Notably, Tiagz’s latest release “They Call Me Tiago (Her Name is Margo)” has more views than “My Heart Went Oops” on YouTube, having racked up more than 4.4 million to date. It should also be pointed out that these aren’t videos being uploaded. Just ultra simple title cards with the song playing in the background. That’s all Tiagz has needed to get his streams popping.

Both tracks are featured on his new EP They Call Me Tiago, available on Spotify and other outlets via Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

You can check out the the new feature on Genius, “My Heart Went Oops” and “They Call Me Tiago” below.

Artwork for the new Tiagz EP

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