Karen Salicath Jamali’s Ethereal Sonata “Angel Aura”

Karen Salicath Jamali, an artist whose talents traverse the realms of music and visual arts, introduces her latest instrumental masterpiece, “Angel Aura.” Born in Denmark and currently based in NYC & Florida, Karen is a distinguished composer, pianist, producer, and accomplished American artist with over three decades of artistic exploration.

Angel Aura” is a manifestation of a reverie. Inspired by the mystical language of birds, the piece beckons listeners with its ethereal melodies, weaving intentions and connections with each note. Karen‘s unique gift of translating dreams into music creates an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Karen‘s journey took an unexpected turn following a head injury and near-death experience in 2012. During her three-year recovery, she discovered a miraculous ability to spontaneously play and compose music. Despite lacking prior piano experience, she found solace and healing through her compositions. “Angel Aura” serves as evidence of the emotional depth forged through this remarkable journey.

The process of receiving messages from angels, depicted in “Angel Aura,” invites listeners to delve into their hearts. This music, a conduit for healing, offers a connection to an inner world, carrying messages of light and hope. Karen receives these musical inspirations in her dreams, preserving their authenticity and purity in her compositions.

Karen’s background in the visual arts, spanning painting and sculpture, influences the distinct sonic landscapes in her music. The harmony and balance found in her sculptures resonate within her compositions, creating a vibrant energy that exceeds the senses.

Balancing her achievements in both music and visual arts, Karen emphasizes the importance of a harmonious creative process. While music takes precedence, her physical creations ground her, providing a necessary equilibrium.

Performing solo in Carnegie Hall multiple times has profoundly influenced Karen’s approach to composition and performance, instilling in her a belief in the universal appreciation of her music.

Looking ahead, Karen Salicath Jamali envisions her music evolving through collaborations involving various instruments and choirs. “Angel Aura” may be just the beginning of her artistic journey, guided by celestial inspiration.

In addition to her musical accolades, Karen’s visual art career has been equally illustrious, with exhibitions worldwide, including the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris.

Listen to “Angel Aura” here: