I Gave You Power: Toronto’s King Mizo previews Kohinoor King album with new single & video

Toronto recording artist and visionary King Mizo recently premiered fresh visuals in support of his latest single, “I Gave You Power.”

The track, which will be featured on Mizo’s forthcoming album, Kohinoor King, pays homage to the Nas classic, “I Gave You Power,” off the 1996 album, It Was Written. In his song, Nas raps in first-person from the perspective of a gun, whereas in his new single, King Mizo raps from the perspective of technology. Mizo’s lyrically powerful record tells a tale of mankind’s relationship with technology, for the good and the bad. We are reminded that whoever holds the technology dictates the outcome.

“I Gave You Power” was released with video support directed and edited by 4KCarlos. Check it out below.

King Mizo, formerly known as Unknown Mizery, is working on the album of a lifetime. Not only did the album’s concept came to him in a dream, but also some of the sounds, melodies, instruments and lyrics. As Mizo explained, he dreamt he was at the center of a room full of faceless people that were excited and vibing to music. He realized he was at a listening party for the album he would create. He woke up and furiously wrote down everything he could remember. Every sound and word, he hummed the melodies into the voice recording app so he wouldn’t forget. The album will be called Kohinoor King, and is expected for release later this year, possibly around October. You can find a leak of the cover further down in this post.

The Rex Seshunz-produced “I Gave You Power” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and various other digital streaming platforms via Guerrilla Music.

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