HH Chace on The Massacre Series SZN 2 (Ep. 8)

The Massacre Series SZN 2 returns with Episode 8 showcasing Toronto rapper HH Chace.

“HH (High Horsemen) Chace, broke into Toronto’s underground music with a bang! His creative process consists of getting into the zone; getting his mind right to deliver his material, then vibing to a sound that flows out naturally. A unique creative style sets him apart from the rest. HH Chace is up next on the Massacre Series SZN 2.”

Chace’s most recent official release is the single “Breathe” which came out in Oct. 2019. On top of that, he’s also appeared on tracks by several other artists this year including PriceDaBoss’ “Roadrunn,” Ro’che Dat Guy’s “She Want,” and two songs by Hunnabeats including “Dark Times” and “Vibe With You.”

The Massacre Series is presented by Studi6 Media. If you missed Season 1, click here to catch up.

You can check out HH Chace’s appearance on The Massacre Series below.

HH Chace on The Massacre Series SZN 2 (Ep. 8)

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