Director duo Fatty Soprano & Shutterr release new short film Dimanche

Montréal’s own Fatty Soprano and Shutterr, responsible for countless huge Canadian hip-hop videos, have premiered a new short film. Written by Soprano, Aidan Grossman and Marie Luciani, the four minute and eighteen second long Dimanche stars Grossman and Luciani alongside Geoff Mays, and Mercedesz Meszaros.

A girl grows frustrated when her friend from 10th grade seems to be the talk of the school after getting breast implants. Debating the next steps to take after graduating high school, the girl shares her plans with her younger brother who enjoys trying out her clothes and makeup.

Dimanche follows other shortfilms released by Soprano and Shutterr this year including Heart of a Stranger and SEABREEZE. SEABREEZE is focused on fighting drug addiction:

A woman falls deep into depression after having a miscarriage. After having a relapse, she sees Hallucinations of a daughter she could’ve had.

All three short films can be viewed below.

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