Death Bubba: Ol’ Gorilla Bones & The Dirty Sample preview Revenge Vol. 1 with new single

Just in time for 4/20, the third single from Ol’ Gorilla Bones’ upcoming Revenge Vol. 1, is for the real heavy hitters, no weekend warrior bullshit. OGB, who manages a weed shop, is passionate about cannabis and cannabis-related products, and he proves it with “Death Bubba.”

For the special occasion, The Dirty Sample drops a raw, dopey bassline over lazy drums that slap their way through the song, layers his signature stabs of soul vocals throughout, and buries the breezy sirens deep in the mix. With this beat as backdrop and in his distinct laidback delivery, OGB deals this ode to weed tightly packed with his favourite strains, and shouts out “growers worldwide pushing these plants to new sizes, new highs [providing] more smoke for me to try, more waves for me to ride.”

“Death Bubba” is that dope music to smoke to. You can find it now on Bandcamp and various other digital streaming platforms via Hand’Solo Records.

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