This TikTok Account Creates Hilarious Spoofs of Indie Culture

If you like alternative music (here we’ll allow “alternative” to mean anything beyond Top 40), there’s a chance you’ve been roasted for it at some point. One example: If you’re out on a date and the person asks, “What kind of music do you like?” and you say, “Oh, I like weird music, you probably haven’t heard of it,” that person is probably going to think you’re a pompous jerk. If they roast you, you probably deserve it.

Thankfully, most people with a diverse taste in music don’t carry that air of superiority. But, occasionally, a music fan’s embrace of supposed authenticity can lead them to a holier-than-thou complex. Even the most humble hipsters among us are probably perpetuating at least some form pretension—whether we know it or not. There’s one TikTok account in particular that perfectly captures this plight of the modern indie guy/gal. Please, President Trump, I’m begging you—don’t ban TikTok, because we need this comedian (real-life session drummer Grant Whitson, who records under the account name @OMFGrant) to keep the indie population accountable.

Whitson’s most beloved character on the app is “Generic Indie Boy,” who is a stereotype we probably all know. Generic Indie Boy plays you an album he thinks is under-the-radar, but it’s actually OK Computer. He takes you on a date to his favorite brewery, and then he rolls his eyes when you ask for whatever IPA is on draft. He invites you to his band’s grimy club show, gazes at you from the stage and then rejects you later that night. He probably drinks oat milk. His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. He shows up to a blind date with a disposable camera. Whitson’s character is the farthest thing from self-aware, and he degrades women without blinking. So, Generic Indie Boy is a gross exaggeration of a stereotype, of course, but you may find you know someone who shares some of his eccentricities. Check out this clip to see what I mean.

Whitson also occasionally taps into nostalgia when making videos. Lately, he’s been sharing satires of the angsty MySpace era and reminders of vintage Disney Channel (Who remembers this Jonas Brothers song?).

But he’s at his best when creating spoofs of the Indie Present. If you’re in search of nostalgia for more recent times, check out these hilarious and spot-on clips inspired by indie band touring culture (remember concerts?). At least during COVID times you don’t have to worry about a potential romantic interest ignoring you at the gig. Sigh!

While the fate of TikTok may remain uncertain, all we can hope is that creators like Whitson find a way to keep doing what they do—in this case, calling out indie try-hards for their foolishness. If you or someone you love is experiencing Generic Indie Boy tendencies, please seek help. Put the Tame Impala record down, listen to Nicki Minaj and respond to all those texts you’ve been ignoring. There’s hope!