Angelica Garcia Shares New Video for “Lucifer Waiting”

Earlier this year, singer/songwriter Angelica Garcia released her second album Cha Cha Palace via Spacebomb Records. After releasing her debut Medicine for Birds in 2016, Paste featured her as The Best of What’s Next. Then after she dropped Cha Cha Palace, we named her one of our 20 most-anticipated acts for SXSW 2020 (the festival was later canceled). Today, she’s sharing the video for “Lucifer Waiting,” one of the best tracks from her recent album.

On this self-empowerment anthem, “Lucifer Waiting,” Angelica Garcia stomps through luscious grooves and swells of rolling percussion and guitar dissonance. Garcia’s vivacious personality and its intoxicating reggaeton rhythms will have you prowling down the street with more fire than normal. The song comes with a new scrapbook-themed video directed by Richmond-based Arts & Letters Creative Co.

“From the beginning, everyone agreed that it would be such a cool challenge to tell this story using the collage on my album cover,” Garcia said of the video. “We knew we wanted the artwork to interact with real-life performance to tell the song’s story of fighting off evil. I feel like the dance performance by myself and my friend Christine Catherine Wyatt is representative of ourselves fighting off our demons. Thinking back to when I first started making the collage, it was beyond me to imagine it vivified in this way. I’m glad to have a video that captures and combines several memories of the making of Cha Cha Palace.”

Watch the video for “Lucifer Waiting” below. Purchase Cha Cha Palace via Bandcamp here, preferably on Friday (May 1) when the company is waiving their revenue shares and giving them directly to artists.