The Paste Happiest Hour: The Milk Carton Kids & Erin Rae

Join us again today for The Paste Happiest Hour, our daily video livestream featuring some of our favorite musicians, actors, directors, TV showrunners and other fascinating individuals we’ll be connecting with over the course of the coming weeks.

Today we bring you music that will soothe your soul from guests The Milk Carton Kids and Erin Rae. At 5pm ET, Kenneth Pattegale and Joey Ryan of LA folk duo The Milk Carton Kids will check in from their respective homes and each play a solo song. Then, at 5:25pm, Erin Rae will join our Happiest Hour from Nashville, Tenn., and will play us a couple of songs as well. Tune in here or via our YouTube channel.

While you’re waiting, you can check out last year’s Paste Sessions from both Milk Carton Kids in 2013 and Erin Rae.

And be sure to check back in for Paste Happiest Hour tomorrow with guests Alison Pill and Nick Offerman and Friday with Hanson and Shelby Lynne.

We had technical difficulties on Monday, but will be republishing the episode with Josh Ritter and Joe Henry soon. Big thanks to everyone who tuned in.