Sexyy Red Appears to Respond to Adin Ross Claiming They Had Sex

Sexyy Red appears to respond to streamer Adin Ross recently claiming they had sex together by bringing up virginity.

Sexyy Red Reacts to Adin Ross Claims?

On Wednesday night (March 13), Sexyy Red seemed to react on X, formerly known as Twitter, to video of popular Kick streamer Adin Ross telling DJ Akademiks during a livestream that he had sex with the St. Louis rapper.

“You paid me to take yo virginity & I did just that… next,” Sexyy Red wrote on X, along with a yawning emoji.

In a follow-up post she added, “SIKE you couldn’t touch me wit ah stick.”

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Adin Ross Tells DJ Akademiks He Slept With Sexyy Red

Sexyy Red’s apparent response comes after video surfaced of Adin making the claim during a livestream with DJ Ak on Wednesday.

“I wan to announce something but I don’t know if I should say it,” Adin said in the clip, which can be seen below. “I did f**k Sexyy Red. It was good. It was really good. She was kinda being the dominant one.”

Adin later claimed he “jerked off” to Sexyy Red’s leaked sex tape, which is what made him hit her up.

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See video of Adin Ross claiming he slept with Sexyy Red and see her apparent response below.

Watch Adin Ross Insist He Had Sex With Sexyy Red

See Sexyy Red’s Response to Adin Ross Claiming They Slept Together

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