Rick Ross Offers Drake the Opportunity to Apologize

Rick Ross is offering Drake the opportunity to apologize for dissing him.

Rick Ross Gives Drake the Chance to Say Sorry

The beef between Drake and Rick Ross is the most active battle in hip-hop and the two rappers continue to take shots at each other. Today (April 16), Rozay is giving Drizzy the opportunity to say sorry before things get uglier. Ross calls out Drake for claiming he is way richer than the Miami rapper.

“I saw you posted you got more money than Ricky Rozay and let’s assume you did,” Ross said in a video on his Instagram Story below. “Well, your best friend, Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle for five years and ain’t get that man a mansion?”

In another video, Ross offers Drake the opportunity to apologize.

“I’m feeling like the bigger person,” Rozay said. “Drake, I’ma give you the opportunity to apologize. First and foremost, you gotta confess you got your nose reduction and confess you got a BBL...Just confess. I know you not gonna respond.”

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Drake Pocket Checks Ross

Ross’ comments come on the heels of Drake sharing a scathing DM he sent Ross.

“Imagine you having 88 million to spend on the crib,” Drake wrote in his message to Ross. “Your s**ts be steals like you got em from a police auction.”

More of the message reads: “Your Star Island house on a sliver of cheesecake. Your lot 40000 square feet my crib 40,000 square feet Leonard.”

The heat is on between Drake and Rick Ross after Drizzy dissed the MMG rapper on his leaked diss song over the weekend. Ross responded within hours on the track “Champagne Moments,” and the two rappers have been trading shots on social media ever since.

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See Rick Ross going in on Drake and offering him a chance to apologize below.

Watch Rick Ross’ Response to Drake

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