Quraan Drops 3 Fascinating Tracks; “Ain’t Faithful,” “Hard 2 Love” & “No Love Lost”

American Hip-Hop artist Quraan has been making the buzz with the recent release of 3 fascinating tracks; “Ain’t Faithful,” “Hard 2 Love,” and “No Love Lost.” Inspired by Drake to create unique aesthetics, Quraan first rose to fame with the single “What’s Your Name,” a record that rapidly gained popularity and was played for 6 consecutive weeks on NY’s prestigious Power 105.1 radio. 

His vivid creativity and innate talent to produce sensual tracks that display his versatility and groove explain the rapid rise of one of America’s finest young rappers. His lyrics stem from his real life experiences, often emotional and passionate singles that speak to all listeners. He started thinking about becoming an artist when his friends registered him in rap cyphers that he easily won.

The young rapper and innovator extraordinaire is beginning to reap the fruits of his hard work, with these 3 new shingles marking a tipping point in his career. Stay tuned!