Pearl Jam Announce Meet-and-Greet Sweepstakes to Support Voting Rights

Through a new partnership with fundraising company Omaze, Pearl Jam are hosting a meet-and-greet sweepstakes to raise money for voting rights efforts.

Those who donate will be entered to win a trip to Seattle with an escorted sightseeing trip around town alongside Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament. The winner and their plus one will also stay at the designated “Pearl Jam Suite” at Edgewater Hotel during their trip. All proceeds raised from the sweepstakes will be donated to Pearl Jam’s non-profit The Vitalogy Foundation.

“Voting freely and easily is our ultimate right as citizens of these United States,” Ament said in a statement. “Please join us in pledging to VOTE BY MAIL, as early as possible, in this critical election.”

For an opportunity to meet Pearl Jam and help protect voters’ rights, click here.

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