PACKS Return with WOAH EP, New Single “don’t go for the goat’s milk”

PACKS can turn anything into a love song. The Toronto-based band turn even morning coffee into something sweet on their latest single, “don’t go for the goat’s milk.” The song is the first release from their forthcoming EP, WOAH, out July 8 via Fire Talk / Royal Mountain.

The EP was recorded in November after lead singer Madeline Link got back from touring with Wombo. Link had lost her voice and decided to record some songs in the slightly scratchy early phase of it coming back. The result is a delicate rasp that makes “don’t go for the goat’s milk” shine with a subtle glow. Over delicate guitars, she sounds fragile as she questions, “Do you have an issue? / ‘Cause when I get home I’ll miss you.”

“Sometimes I like to start my day with a little cup of cold goat’s milk,” says Link. “This song began when my parents poured some of my goat’s milk into their morning coffee and wondered what that weird flavour was. Then of course it turned into a soggy, water-logged love song.”

You can check out “don’t go for the goat’s milk” below, along with the full WOAH EP details.

WOAH EP Tracklist:

1. turn the tap
2. who will it be
3. don’t go for the goats milk
4. father’s truck
5. heaved
6. iknowiknow
7. tilted crowd
8. fm