Metro Boomin and Future Give Nod to Mobb Deep on New Album

Future and Metro Boomin‘s We Don’t Trust You album is here, and King Pluto tackles a classic Mobb Deep beat on “Seen it All.”

Future and Metro Boomin Pay Homage to Mobb Deep

On Friday (March 22), Future and Metro Boomin dropped off their highly anticipated new album, We Don’t Trust You. Rap fans will notice that Young Metro flipped Mobb Deep’s 1999 track “Quiet Storm” beat for “Seen it All,” the 16th track on the album.

This moment is telling considering the “Mask Off” pair paid homage to Mobb Deep in the trailer for We Don’t Trust You, which dropped on March 8. In the trailer, Future and Metro are in the desert decked out in their finest ’fits as Prodigy’s message to wack rappers plays out.

“Got a lot of f**kin’ garbage-a*s rappers out here, runnin’ around like these n***as ain’t supposed to be rappin’, son, ya na’mean? This game’s meant for select circle few, select few, man,” Prodigy says.

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“Seen It All” Title Inspired by Prodigy’s Words

Future and Metro got the title of the track from a few words Prodigy spit at its beginning. On Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm,” produced by Havoc, Prodigy let anyone listening that their rhymes were the real deal.

“We done seen it all, and been through it all, yo/Let y’all n***as know right now/Word to mother, for real, for real/That s**t is the truth, I’m not lyin’,” he says.

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Take a listen to Future and Metro Boomin’s song “Seen it All” and their We Dont Trust You Album below.

Listen to Future and Metro Boomin’s “Seen It All”

Listen to Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm”

Listen to Future and Metro Boomin’s We Don’t Trust You Album

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