Marian Hill Share New Single “oOo that’s my type,” Featuring Young Baby Tate

Marian Hill, the songwriting duo comprised of vocalist Samantha Gongol and producer Jeremy Lloyd, have made their mark with their sultry, futuristic take on R&B, trippy remixes of others’ songs and their catchy hooks that made them the most Shazam’d band in America at one point. Eight years on from their debut EP Play, they still manage to keep it exciting with their first offering of 2021, “oOo that’s my type,” featuring viral rap sensation Yung Baby Tate.

Gongol’s sultry vocals intertwine with Tate’s playful raps, making for a cool girl anthem for the summer perfect for late-night drives. The accompanying video is a neon-tinted foray into the night, picking up new friends along the way (including the furry ones).

Watch the video for “oOo that’s my type” below and keep scrolling for Marian Hill’s 2018 Paste Studio performance.