Lux Beauregard’s Debut Release “Fireworks” Is Just Sublime

Do you know the feeling when a random song speaks to your heart as if the lyrics and music were written just for you? You are ready to hear it repeatedly, getting all emotional, singing, and dancing alone in your room in the middle of the night and not caring if you are out of the rhythm. That feeling is explosive, it feels like someone finally gets you the way no one has ever done, and the happiness and joy of it feels like fireworks in your stomach. The debut release of young singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard titled “Fireworks” brings that exact emotion. 

The talented artist sings her truth and unveils her emotions beautifully and delicately. Her voice fulfills the void in your soul; her energy enchants your whole being. Lux makes you feel understood. She sings about opposite realities coexisting. How can one feel pain and happiness at the same time? How can love happen to you in the middle of a global disaster? Those are the questions that 2020 made her concentrate on, and she tries to find the answers through the magical “Fireworks.”