Lupe Fiasco Thinks Drake Is a Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar

Lupe Fiasco thinks Drake is a better rapper than Kendrick Lamar.

Lupe Fiasco and Aye Verb Debate Over Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Skills

On Monday (April 15), Lupe Fiasco hit up X, formerly known as Twitter, for a friendly hip-hop debate with St. Louis rapper Aye Verb on the platform’s Spaces. At one point during the conversation, the two respected MCs place the focus on their peers Kendrick Lamar and Drake, who are currently embroiled in a widely publicized rap beef. While Lupe praises Kendrick’s live performance skills, the Chicago spitter says he believes that Drizzy is the better rapper overall.

“Drake or Kendrick?” Aye Verb asks in the audio clip below to which Lupe quickly replies, “Drake.”

Aye Verb then asks: “Is it by a long shot?”

“Not really,” Lupe Fiasco explains. “Drake got bars, which you know. You know I ain’t cappin’ when I say that. So, I would give it to Drake. I think Kendrick’s a better technically skilled performer, but I don’t think he’s a better rapper.”

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Lupe Fiasco Says He’s Will Battle Any Rapper

Amid the ongoing smoke between Drake and Kendrick Lamar and the widespread debate surrounding the situation, Lupe Fiasco has declared that he is also more than willing to engage in a war on wax if need be. During a performance at the 2024 Coachella Festival on Sunday, Fiasco fired up the crowd by explaining he is battle-ready.

“Hear me clearly when I say this, and I mean this at the bottom of my heart,” Lupe says in the Coachella video below. “When it comes to this art, and I quote, I will battle any muthaf**kin’ rapper anywhere, any muthaf**kin’ time.”

He adds: “I don’t give a f**k how many records you sold. I don’t give a f**k how many awards you have. If you want smoke, I swear on my muthaf**kin’ soul, I will walk through n***as. I will chew up n***as. I will body muthaf**kas.”

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In the X Spaces clip below, listen to Lupe Fiasco and Aye Verb debate over who is the better rapper: Drake or Kendrick Lamar. Also, watch Lupe explain that he is ready to battle any rapper at any time.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco Claim Drake Is a Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar

Watch Lupe Fiasco Explain That He’s Ready to Battle Any Rapper

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