Cralias set to release Kali Yuga

Cralias’ “Kali Yuga,” set for release on May 3, 2024, blending hyperreal tones and dubbed and dusty melodics with the pulse of club beats. This highly anticipated EP consists of four tracks that showcase Cralias’ adeptness at weaving intricate melancholic soundscapes.

Opening with “I’ll Try” the EP immediately sets a complex mood. The track is a masterful blend of is the turntable at the right speed and subtle frame altering aspects, hinting at the emotional depth that Cralias is best at.

Next up “U Got Me” featuring Dj Animebby. Here, Cralias collaborates to create a true dancefloor smash. The synergy between Cralias’ production and Dj Animebby’s unique sound results in a track that is both frantic and mesmerizing.

The third track, “Acid Rain”. The track combines atmospheric synths with a driving bassline, encapsulating the feeling of a trip through a rain-drenched cityscape. Its production and emotive tones echo the influential works of Burial and Clams Casino, pushing a distinctive approach to mood and texture.

Closing the EP is “Dawn” once again featuring Dj Animebby. This track finishes the EP in some style, blending high tempo energy and a sense of hope. “Kali Yuga” by Cralias is a deeply quirky, emotive and technically sophisticated record.

Grab it here!

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