Listen to Wye Oak’s New Song “No Place”

Wye Oak have shared “No Place,” the duo’s second song from their forthcoming EP, No Horizon, set for release July 31. The ethereal new track appears to be a meditation on the strangeness of separation during quarantine, reflecting over what happens as concepts of you, I and we find themselves stretched further away from each other. The Brooklyn Youth Chorus is featured throughout the song, with singer Jenn Wasner offering a detached delivery in response to their chanted descriptions of living in a place that is no place. Listen below.

“This song is about the separation between our consciousness and our physical bodies,” Wasner said in a statement, “and how it feels to forget that you even have a body in the first place. Of course, it gets easier and easier to use your body less and less; as we innovate more efficient ways of achieving our temporal goals, we are making them somewhat obsolete.”

While you’re here, check out our 2010 footage of Wye Oak playing “Civilian” at Paste’s Decatur offices, further down.