Lily Konigsberg and Nate Amos Share New Single as My Idea, “Crutch”

After forming My Idea in fall 2020 and releasing their debut EP That’s My Idea last summer, best friends Lily Konigsberg (Palberta) and Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes) are releasing their first full-length, CRY MFER, on April 22 on Hardly Art. The “Truth or Dare Pop” duo describe the second single from their forthcoming LP, “Crutch,” as “a co-dependency anthem” that documents the emotional tumult they had had to push past while recording CRY MFER.

“‘Crutch’ was written at a time when both of our personal lives had begun to collapse around us,” Konigsberg and Amos explain in a statement. “Outside influences began to disappear and as we began to rely on each other more and more—the music was the only thing that functioned amidst the chaos. This song became kind of a beacon leading us through the remainder of making the album.”

My Idea couch their feelings of being lost at sea, with only each other to cling to, in instrumentation that could make one feel better about just about anything. Bright keys and fuzzy guitars nestle beside Konigsberg’s breathy vocals. “I’m sorry about this stuff / But it doesn’t really matter that much / That I’m sorry about this stuff / Truth is that I really miss your touch / And I’m hanging on you ’cause you’re my crutch,” she sings, clear-eyed and refusing to sugarcoat the vicious cycle in which the two of them are trapped.

“Crutch” follows My Idea’s CRY MFER title track, which the duo released alongside the album’s announcement on Feb. 1.

Listen to “Crutch” and “Cry Mfer” below, and see the details of CRY MFER and My Idea’s tour dates further down.

CRY MFER Tracklist:

01. Cry Mfer
02. Crutch
03. Baby I’m The Man
04. Lily’s Phone
05. Breathe You
06. Not Afraid Anymore
07. Yea
08. One Tree Hill (feat. thanks for coming)
09. I Can’t Dance Part 2
10. Pretty You
11. I Should Have Never Generated You
12. Popstar
13. Yr A Blur



My Idea Tour Dates:


21 – Kingston, NY @ Tubby’s
22 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Broadway ^
23 – West Hartford, CT @ University of Hartford

(^ CRY MFER Record Release Show)