Leave Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée Whitney Alford Alone

Throughout the history of beef in hip-hop, women often become unfortunate targets by having their names dragged into things they have nothing to do with simply by association. The latest casualty of the lyrical warfare between Kendrick Lamar and Drake appears to be K-Dot’s longtime fiancée Whitney Alford. After being brought into the beef by Drake through diss tracks like “Family Matters” and “The Heart Part 6,” Whitney has been subject to accusations of cheating and being a victim of domestic violence. Her relationship with Kendrick is being scrutinized and dissected across social media when, in reality, she should just be left alone.

Drake Drags Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée Into Rap Beef With Disturbing Allegations

Kendrick Lamar has been known to keep most of his personal life private throughout his career. However, many rap fans have been trying to analyze and expose any sort of negativity in his relationship with Whitney Alford from the second Drake alleged that Kenny had put his hands on her, that she cheated on him with Kendrick’s manager and close friend Dave Free and that she and K-Dot are currently living separately.

“Your baby mama captions always screamin’, ‘Save me’,” Drizzy raps on “Family Matters.” “You did her dirty all your life, you tryna make peace/I heard that one of them little kids might be Dave Free/Don’t make it Dave Free’s.”

He later adds: “When you put your hands on your girl, is it self-defense ’cause she bigger than you?/Your back is up against the curb, you diggin’ for dirt, should be diggin’ for proof/Why did you move to New York? Is it ’cause you livin’ that bachelor life?/Proposed in 2015, but don’t wanna make her your actual wife.”

Drake further fed fuel to the flames with the music video for “Family Matters.” The visual finds Drizzy flaunting a large diamond ring that is supposedly a replica of the ring Kendrick gave to Whitney when he proposed back in 2015. The inclusion is perceived as a mockery of the couple’s long-term engagement.

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Overzealous Rap Fans Dig for Dirt on Whitney Alford After Drake Diss Tracks

In the week since that song dropped, so-called social media sleuths have been running wild with deep dives into Whitney’s life by digging up old tweets and Instagram posts, searching for any clues of unhappiness with Kendrick Lamar. They’ve demanded public statements from Alford and have even gone so far as to pull public records regarding the California home she shares with the Compton MC. All the while, Whitney Alford was dragged into the mess completely against her will due to unwarranted lyrics in a rap battle.

It can certainly be argued that all is fair in love and hip-hop, but it hardly seems fair for uninvolved bystanders to inject themselves into the personal lives of women who have never put pen to pad and rocked a mic. When it comes to romance, motherhood and where she decides to lay her head, Whitney Alford should be allowed the same rights and privacies as any other human being.

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