Juvenile Encourages People to “Vax That Thang Up” in Pro-Vaccine Rework of Iconic Song

I know you didn’t have this on your 2021 bingo card.

New Orleans-based rapper Juvenile, best known as one of the biggest stars on the Cash Money roster, is perhaps best known for his 1998 raunchy strip club anthem “Back That Thang Up.” Over 20 years later, Juvenile reunites with producer Mannie Fresh and fellow rapper Mia X to revitalize the song for a new purpose: encouraging people to get vaccinated.

In partnership with BLK, a dating app for Black singles, the Southern rap staple is reworked into “Vax That Thang Up,” a comedic reboot with a clear message: It’s better to date when vaccinated. The trio loosely recreate the song’s original video, interspersed with footage of people getting hot and heavy, twerking and even a gold graphic over a tricked-out car that says “Herd Immunity.” Mia X replaces Lil Wayne’s original verse and instead of begging you to drop it like it’s hot, she urges you to “go get the shot.”

Oh yeah, and Mannie Fresh says, “I love it when you hold me, eggplant emoji.”

To make things even more impressive, the collaboration is one of the rare occasions when famous rivals Cash Money Records and No Limit Records collaborate, with another famous instance being No Limit label head Master P and Lil Wayne’s 2015 track “Power,” released shortly after Wayne launched the lawsuit against his former label.

Watch the full video in its complete, early-2000s glory below and visit BLK’s site here for further information.