Josh Radnor Sets Trump’s Rambling Ramp Explanation to Music

Actor/director musician Josh Radnor knows bad lyrics when he hears them. And that’s what he heard during President Donald Trump’s sparsely attended rally in Tulsa when he spent several minutes defending himself for his awkward-looking descent down a ramp at the West Point graduation ceremony.

Look, making fun of a septuagenarian for having trouble walking down a steep ramp might normally be considered mean-spirited if that man himself wasn’t so damned mean-spirited, with a history of making fun of everyone, including handicapped people. But the one thing funnier than a jerk who once tweeted, “The way President Obama runs down the stairs of Air Force 1, hopping & bobbing all the way, is so inelegant and unpresidential. Do not fall!” looking unpresidential is his 1,798-word excuse for his frail-looking exit.

And now, Radnor has put it to song. The How I Met Your Mother and The Hunters actor has just released his second album with Australian singer/songwriter Ben Lee, Golden State. It’s a pity he wasn’t able to get this track on in time because it’s kind of amazing.

As a bonus, enjoy national treasure Henry Winkler drinking a glass of water one-handed.