Jordana Shares New Single “I’ll Take It Boring”

Singer/songwriter Jordana released a reworked version of her 2019 debut album Classical Notions of Happiness earlier this year via Grand Jury Music, which featured alluring, pensive indie numbers like “Crunch” and “Sway.” Now, she’s returned with more music in the form of a new single, “I’ll Take It Boring.”

“I’ll Take it Boring” is a lustrous, lo-fi pop gem with Jordana’s breathy, coy vocals blanketing her skittering percussion and brooding synths. Songs about parties are great, but perhaps even better are songs about the times you wish you stayed home. Jordana gives us the exact date of this regretful party—Halloween 2017—and as long as her bittersweet voice is soundtracking our night, we’re happy to stay in, too (even in normal circumstances).

Jordana says “I’ll Take It Boring” is “a song about my experience at a Halloween party which I regretted attending. It’s a song for all the introverts out there, for all the people who feel like blowing off their weekend plans and staying home.”

Listen to “I’ll Take It Boring” below, and purchase Classical Notions of Happiness here.